What to do when you are in Bordeaux: Bordeaux E-Bike Wine Tour

A half day in cab and in the wineyard could take to much time if you are here just for the weekend for instense. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a taste of Bordeaux.

We all experienced this situation, you just arrived in a city and you don’t really have a clear idea on where to start to visit and the tourist bus is not your thing.

Hop on a bike and let’s go! The activity Bordeaux E-Bike has something new to offer a new tour with what made the glory of Bordeaux: wine

Experience Bordeaux and all it’s iconic places with a local guide revealing the secrets of his city. A unique experience on an electric bike that will make the two hours tour an effortless moment where you can enjoy the landscapes and the landmarks. A great way to discover and have an overview of the city if you just have arrived.

“I love animating Bordeaux E-Bike because it really allows me to share my love for my city in a very intimate and open to discussion. Everyone can ask anything and it’s really about sharing more than just a visit” “I am very glad that now we can propose a wine tasting because Bordeaux without wine is not really Bordeaux”

Created in partnership with Le Musée du Vin et du Négoce, located in the historical wine trade area: Les Chartrons, dive in the culture of wine in the city and unveiled some of secrets of wine maker of Bordeaux. Dry, sweet and of course red, this tasting break in this two hour to have a taste of Bordeaux.

Just like the tour of Bordeaux, it’s amazing to discover the wines of Bordeaux an may be giving you the urge to go on the wine roads and go further and go in one in one of the many chateau of the vineyard of Bordeaux.

This tour is exclusive for the moment on the Wine Cab website but stay tuned if you want to see it being extended on over platform.

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