The cooper

This workshop is an exclusive Wine Cab’s concept: make your own barrel!
On the Medoc’s road, your taxi of London will bring you to a cooperage. This is the place where barrels are made before they get to châteaux’ cellars, to age wine.
You will be able to observe artisans making barrels with ancestral tools and unique savoir-faire.
What an atmosphere! Smoke, flames everywhere, bass drum and metallic sounds answering each other in a sustained rhythm. .. You follow the work progresses till the end, when a new barrel is born!
You’ll understand, then, how important is the wood for the wine maturing and the different intended tastes you can get from the different stoking of the barrel.
After this astonishing tour, you’ll go into practice by attempting to make up your barrel. You’ll need a lot of skilfulness and subtlety to gather together the “douelles”!
Of course, a great tasting will reward this apprenticeship session.


2 to 4



outdoor tasting

Your journey :

  • Your English cab picks-you up at your hotel in Bordeaux and brings you back
  • One visit in a cooperage
  • One “cooper” workshop
  • One « rural » tasting in the vines (or in your spacious English cab, if it rains)
  • English cab trip with an English-speaking driver

options :

  • An oenologist can go with you! (+ 280/person… 3 people maximum)
  • Meals
  • Your illustrated and personal roadbook with Polaroid pictures
  • A tour of Bordeaux by electric bike at 30 € insteed 45 € (will be schedule with our team)

The cooper


starting at 132 / person

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