The Retro Tour

Bordeaux wine route in vintage cars

In a private group or with your colleagues, our English cabs flanked by the classic Combi VW and other vintage cars could be the perfect way to get to know each other and strengthen bonds.

An original and unique activity

Jump aboard authentic rolling legends with your coworkers and discover the Bordeaux vineyards, visit the most prestigious wineries, and taste the best wines.

These legendary vehicles evoke the feeling of liberty, escape and bounding; following the wine roads in them is a unique experience to share.

This activity, seen nowhere else in France, will certainly offer the attendees an unforgettable day, the best way to bond.

Cohesion with discoveries

A mere 30 minutes from Bordeaux, the most prestigious wineries of Médoc and Saint-Émilion will be within your grasp, opening their doors for you. The visit will take you through the technical aspects of winemaking before going to the chai where the wines are aged for 18 months.

The visit will end with a tasting of several wines lead by the of the specialist of the winery. T*his event will be the perfect moment for everyone to express what they taste and feel as well as listen to their colleagues. Team building will be natural.

A team of presenters

In each vehicle, your chauffeur will also be your guide and presenters.

They will help every attendee get in the mood for bonding with little quizzes about wine and vineyards. The goal is to form one team per car, with the chauffeur as the leader.

Of course, everyone can change car at any given stop.

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