Some important informations about the cab

Meet what make Wine Cab such an exceptional, unique and amazing experience: The Cab of course!

Have a peek inside the most valuable player here at Wine Cab the cab itself!

Today, Wine Cab is three taxi trailing the vineyards of Bordeaux. Blue, White and of course a Bordeaux. Three traditional London Black but with a twist : A minibar hidden in one one of the folding seat for a tasting session inside the cab.

For your tour on the Wine Trails, you can be up to 4 people inside, 3 on the backseat and one on the folding chair. The other folding chair is used for the mini bar. The optimum comfort will be with 2 people seating at the back of the Cab. But 4 people can also be fun and cozy! It will be like a tasting room with the mini bar.

Apart from the addition of the mini bar, our vintage cabs are still in their original condition.

After a life of going back and forth the street of London our cab is living a true second youth on going back and forth the wine trails of Bordeaux. What a retirement plan and how to end a career. Don’t be jealous!

Because our Cab is a vintage vehicle, please note that there is no air condition and in the summer time it can get very warm and hot regarding the weather. So, the inside temperature in the cab could be warm.

Don’t worry, we have everything you could need to face the heat. We will bring the cooler with some fresh water and water sprays for your face.

But the most important thing to get refreshed is the tasting is our dry white wine from “Entre de Mers” freshly served.

Also you will find some fresh air by visiting some cellars in the Chateaux, selected just for you ! 15 degrees all year long