Saint-Émilion :
"Grands Crus Classés"

Saint Emilion wine tour to visit and to taste the "Grands Crus Classés" in France

A unique world famous « terroir» : welcome to the Saint Emilion vineyard !

Château Soutard, château de Ferrand, château Siaurac, château Pavie, château Angelus… some of these prestigious names will open the gate to another dimension! A rare, precious tasting realm, where the Merlot is king, is waiting for you there.
Your Wine Cab will drive you on these charming roads, where old stone walls are running along. You think your either in Scotland or in Normandy? Well… after your first grand cru classé tasting you’ll realize that your are enjoying a unique moment in a unique place!

Your magic wine tour will go on with another visit, in another castle, selected for its welcoming… and its wine quality! A family property where you’ll be welcome as a VIP !


2 to 4



outdoor tasting

Your journey :

  • Your English cab picks-you up at your hotel in Bordeaux and brings you back
  • One visit in a « château grand cru classé »… with wine tasting
  • One visit in a family property… with wine tasting
  • One « rural » tasting in the vines (or in your spacious English cab, if it rains)
  • English cab trip with an English speaking driver

options :

  • An oenologist can go with you ! (+ 280/person… 3 people maximum)
  • Meals
  • Your illustrated notebook and personal Polaroid pictures
  • A tour of Bordeaux by electric bike at 30 € insteed of 45 € (will be schedule with our team)

The grands crus classés


starting at 132 / person

Châteaux partenaires

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St-Emilion wine tour : Visit Saint Emilion vineyards

The “Saint Emilion wine tasting” is the best wine tasting in all Bordeaux region ! Come to enjoy this tasting experience in a little paradise where the wine is the king.In Saint Emilion, the vineyard is like a green ocean covering hill tops and the valley. Wines are only stopped by old stone walls along the roads where prestigious chateaux are standing very proudly !


This is a very unique wine tour, the most prestigious one in all Bordeaux ! You will discover the cellars of the Grand Cru Classés Chateaux with their high technology facilities but above all, you will taste their best vintages. For these private tours in Saint Emilion vineyard, your guide will drive you along the wine road, from a chateau to another. You will be in a great car to enjoy the view on the outside : an authentic London cab (taxi : mot plus américain) ! Inside the car, some wines selected by our team will be waiting for you and the cab will become your private tasting room. No doubt, you will be convinced that the best wine tastings are in Bordeaux.


A private tour in Saint Emilion is an authentic experience to discover wine, wine makers and chateaux.