Wine Cab, a state of mind

Visits and wine tastings tours by English taxi or Combi VW (+ 4 people)

The wine cab spirit is first and foremost a car with a strong personality: an English taxi turned into a wine tasting room.

This is an extraordinary experience to discover the best wines of Bordeaux and to the meeting of passionate winegrowers, prestigious appellations such as Saint Emilion, Médoc, Pessac Léognan, Saint Estèphe, Sauternes, and also some châteaux ” grand cru classé “, ” cru bourgeois ” including exceptional family properties, all this will be possible thanks to your driver who will organize your visit on half a day or on a whole day, it is up to you.

In our wine cab tour, your English taxi will take you in this journey to discover the world-famous vineyards and wines.
During your visit, you will be welcomed as a distinguished guest. Your guide will make your visit an exceptional moment by sharing with you some secrets about the elaboration of the wine and also by proposing you tastings directly from the barrel or the cellar.

A circuit in the Bordeaux vineyards

Aboard your English taxi, you will travel the mythical route des vins from 2 to 4 passengers and you will you will be able, all along the route, to discuss with your driver to know everything about Bordeaux vineyards.

Before visiting the castles selected for you, you will have the opportunity to discover on the road other world-famous castles, you can even make a stop in front of their majestic entrances to capture amazing pictures with your driver’s Polaroid, these pictures with immediate printing will be to stick inside your travel roadbook illustrated by a Medoc artist and you will keep it as an unforgettable souvenir.

Why a London taxi ?

Because this car stands out not only for its classy personality and vintage look but also for its practical side which makes it the ideal cab to discover the Bordeaux vineyards.

The London taxi is a car born in the 50s, the mythical model is the Fairway FX4 built by Carbodies from 1958 to 1997. Its charm and its elegance made it the most known cab in the world. Since 2000 it no longer runs in London it has been with a more classic look.

With Wine Cab, we resurrected the famous Fairway. On the Bordeaux lands it found a second life in perfect adequacy with the spirit sought by the visitors of the castles and lovers of the simplicity, conviviality, and authenticity.

A tasting room

Our spirit of conviviality is expressed first of all by the configuration of the vehicle with a wide interior space where passengers can face each other.

But what distinguishes our London taxi and what makes it unique is the mini bar!
A minibar for delicious wine tastings while admiring the landscape, the vineyards or the Garonne river.

Your driver will lead the tastings, right next to him, there is a cooler with a fresh bottle of white wine, he will choose the best time and place to open the bottle for you!




Truly unique

A gift 

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