A tasting of authentic and offbeat Bordeaux wines

Wine Cab is above all a promise: to make you experience a discovery of the vineyards of Bordeaux not quite like the others! If your getaway was tinged with a touch so British? What if your tasting of Bordeaux wines suddenly took on a new look?

The London taxi and its tasting room

Dare to be different for the occasion, opt for a less conventional experience. Wine Cab takes you along the many wine routes that criss-cross the Gironde department in a car with a strong personality: the English taxi, the famous Fairway FX4. Built by Carbodies from 1958 to 1997, it was the iconic symbol of the city of London until the 2000s! It is then replaced by a Chinese model, much more standard.

Wine Cab has chosen to revive this mythical means of transport to give your journey through the vineyards a very pleasant touch! An elegant line, a vintage look, remarkable comfort: the London cab almost imposed itself on Antoine Beucher when he created his company in 2016. Standing out from other rather classic concepts, but above all playing the card of offbeat, originality and the unusual to discover the region and taste the wines of Bordeaux: this is the bet of Wine Cab.

The spacious passenger compartment of the black cab and the layout of its seats facing each other also allow for a small living room. It is therefore a mini bar that has taken place in the taxi to enjoy pleasant tastings. Red wines, white wines, grands crus and crus bourgeois come alive for the occasion.




Truly unique


A guided tour of the vineyards

It is in the company of Antoine Beucher, the creator of Wine Cab that you will take the road towards the vineyards of Médoc, Saint-Émilion, Pessac-Léognan or even Sauternes. Lover of old cars and good wines. The idea of the English taxi suddenly came to him after seeing one in the streets of Paris. This is an interesting and unique concept that he wanted to develop in order to offer an extraordinary experience.

At his side, the visit of the terroir and the wine properties is quite astonishing. Antoine knew how to combine simplicity and conviviality with a chic spirit and top-of-the-range services. Tastings at the château, directly from the vat or the barrel, plunge you into the heart of the wine world, while those, more bucolic, at the water’s edge or in the vineyards, are gourmet and without fuss. Finally, your guide has thought of everything: don’t leave this adventure without a souvenir. A small road book is given to you and includes the Polaroid photos taken during your excursion.

When the prestige of Bordeaux wines is associated with the charm of the London cab, the marriage is a success! The cab has definitely found a second life in the Bordeaux wine region. The introduction to wine tasting is more fun, more convivial and more authentic.