5 good reasons to fall asleep in a “Wine Cab”

Of course, it will be a shame, because you are here to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Bordeaux vineyard. But either jet lag or just to let go in the heat of the afternoon, here are 5 reasons why you could fall asleep in a Wine Cab tour on the vineyards of Bordeaux.

1) A nap to remember!

What an opportunity! A nap like you never seen before! What a thing to brag when you will come back at the office. Imagine on your way back to your hotel to just let go on the calm roads. And your driver being an expert of course, you will be lulled but the road. However, we do not guarantee your driver to be delicate when it will be time to wake you up!

2) It’s cuddling time!

Wine Cab is oftenly choose by the cutest couples to have a ride in the vineyard. After a tasting or two, you will fall in the arms of your Romeo or your Juliette. We can’t imagine a better way to have a little nap: in the arms of your sweet heart

3) At home it’s 3 a.m.

From America to China, the clients of Wine Cab are coming from all other the world and sometimes just hopped of the plane directly in the cab completely jet lagged and, it’s not unusual to see our guest slowly falling asleep on the back of the wine cab. But just let go it’s ok !

4) Aftermath of the tastings

After the visits of a few Chateau and a few tastings falling asleep is sometimes the only way out for some wine taster in Wine Cab. But don’t worry we won’t tell anyone (as long as you don’t snore)

5) Because you just enjoy yourself!

To be honest seeing that you feel yourself like home in our Cab is the biggest victory for us ! So just enjoy yourself and relax for once you have the time !

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